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About Us



  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides academic enrichment to support education curriculums


  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides relationship building skills to build strong self-confidence and inspire positive behaviors


  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides practical life skills; how to dress for success, how to interview, how to get employment, healthy eating for teens, applying for a driver's license, applying for a library card, how to use the library, and travel.

  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides guidance through difficult teenage years to help youth learn independent decision making skills


  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides help to strive for positive social engagements with others in the community


  • 29:11 Mentorship Program provides spirituality and guidance of how to incorporate spirituality into all areas of everyday life.

We believe by being Inspirational, Intentional and Intimate we're able to redirect our students to Jesus Christ
who defines their future and to change the world.

Our Mission

The Mission of 29:11 Mentorship Program is to stimulate at-risk youth to identify their purpose by enhancing moral development and academic performance in a non-traditional environment, whereby teens get an opportunity to meet their full potential.


29:11 Mentorship Program provides at-risk youth support, guidance, and tools to succeed in the real world.


Furthermore, 29:11 Mentorship Program strives to match teens with positive adult mentors who teach empowerment; youth ultimately learns to value themselves and make good decisions. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision for teens of 29:11 Mentorship Program is to instill confidence, an individual sense of responsibility, and that each youth recognize the need to have a plan for a future filled with life-enhancing goals, and for them to realize their full potential.  29:11 Mentorship Program envisions providing indisputable changes in young lives thereby, impacting communities and society. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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